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Software testing is one of the most neglected aspects of the development life cycle, even though it is the one element between business success and disaster at the market. Our Software Testing and Risk Management service is a formal, structured, methodical and complete solution to any software testing requirement.

Our risk management professionals conduct a series of question-answer sessions with key client personnel, to identify potential software risks. After studying and assessing the possible impacts of these risks, we recommend appropriate mitigation procedures to overcome them.

Our QA professionals have complete understanding of software architecture, design and development issues and nuances. We work closely with the development teams from the conception phase on, providing invaluable inputs
on requirements qualification and testability.

Our Software Testing and Risk Management services cover black box testing for functional and non-functional requirements, such as volume, stress and performance testing, white box testing, including coverage analysis and stylistic recommendations, and test automation.

AKSHAY IT's consulting services help clients conceive, plan and execute their business strategies, by aligning them with their information technology initiatives.

Our consultants, with a broad mix of industry and technology experience, collaborate with client executives to evolve strategies and solutions most appropriate to them. These strategies and solutions enable our clients to leverage new technologies, while protecting the benefits of their investments in existing IT infrastructure.

Our skilled consultants help our clients in aggressively accelerating time-to-market and realizing business advantages much ahead of competition.

We work with the client to understand the requirements completely. Based on a thorough and careful analysis, we develop the best and the most optimal technology strategy for the client.

Our consulting services are an end-to-end offering, incorporating the right technology with industry best practices, to deliver high value business solutions.


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