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Akshay IT positions itself in the IT market as an offshore software outsourcer that cuts the development costs and passes savings to you.

Akshay IT deals in integrating software applications and provides software development with the latest technological skills. With an experienced staff of technical specialists, system architects, analysts, and testers, Akshay IT provides a high level of expertise and meets the needs of all our clients. In addition to software development, Akshay IT offers an expert web site development team capable of providing clients with a strong web presence through brilliant graphic design and innovative programming.

Because of our training, experience and commitment to customer service, we feel confident that Akshay IT can provide the most advanced comprehensive and cost-effective software solution for your business with surprising speed.

At Akshay, the emphasis has always been on building long-term relationships. Rather than keeping the client at arm's length, our business philosophy is based on the following tenets:

  • Transparent dealings.
  • Establishing a close relationship with the client.
  • Exceeding the client's expectations on every count.
  • Our entire approach is geared to meet the client's ever evolving need, adding value to their business.
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