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Our eBusiness Solution Development team delivers custom eBusiness solutions across a wide range of market sectors.

eBusiness solutions help businesses transact with customers and suppliers efficiently, reach out to newer markets and generate healthier, higher revenues.

With its rich experience, Akshay IT promises to take your business to newer heights.



1. eSchool - Web-based School Management System

eSchool is a web-based eCommunications solution combining the 24/7 freedom of the Internet with the power to manage your school website, personalized student/parent portals, records database. Using the eSchool solution any school staff member with basic knowledge has the power to manage student/parent communicatons like never before.

View the Demo Prototype


2. FS3 - Flight School Scheduling Software

FS3 is a flight school scheduling software which is used to schedule flight school operations.

View the Demo Prototype


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