What is eSchool ?

is a web- based school management system, which helps to upload all the necessary information about your school on the school’s website. Students, parents, teachers and administrators can access the information on the click of a button. 

Enables schools to have immediate access to various informative data like student’s details, staff details, attendance, academic records, course information, lesson content, homework/ assignments and many more.

Produces customized lists (attendance of a particular student, admission details, fee structure), helpful graphs (like entire academic record of a student from 1st to 10th std.).

e-School is operating system independent, and a browser based solution, which in turn makes it easy to use, easy to maintain, and easy to setup. 

Do you need an eCommunication School ?

Representing a major trend in consumer behavior today the preferred methods of communication for over 54% of the population have become the internet, personalized website portals, email and digital text messages.


eSchool is a web-based eCommunications solution combining the 24/7 freedom of the Internet with the power to manage your school website, personalized student/parent portals, records database. Using the eSchool solution any school staff member with basic knowledge has the power to manage student/ parent communications like never before.

Click here to View the Demo Prototype for eSchool

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